The Luye Story

Our Challenge

The Luye story

With ever-increasing pressure on healthcare systems and those that work within them, innovation and quality have never been more fundamental. We must continually evolve our partnerships, improve the medicines we manufacture and distribute and support distribution not just in the UK but through our global network of partners.

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Part of something bigger

At the heart of Luye Life Sciences

We are a member of the Luye Life Sciences Group. Luye Pharma Group’s focus lies in the research, development, manufacture and commercialisation of new medicines, whilst giving consideration to everyone involved in the healthcare journey. Although currently a young business in the UK with a focus on CNS, we are well placed within the wider global pharmaceutical industry, which enables us to supply medicines with proven efficacy to the NHS at cost-effective prices.

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State-of-the-art at the heart of Luye Life Sciences

Focus for the UK

Change for the better

At Luye Pharma in the UK we aim to create and nurture effective partnerships in order to support the group’s goal of developing, innovating and improving medicines in CNS and other specialist fields of medicine. Working better together will enable us to produce the best possible outcomes for healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers alike. Our network of partners is constantly evolving within the UK and with our global resources behind us, we can continue to benefit patients nationwide.

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Changing UK Pharmaceutical for the better
Changing UK Pharmaceutical for the better

Luye’s guiding principles

A love for life

Established in 1994, Luye Life Sciences Group adopts “Advanced Technologies for Better Quality of Life” as its mission. It is committed to innovation and internationalisation and has developed into a global healthcare group comprising four core businesses, pharmaceutical, healthcare, vaccine and medical diagnostics. With life sciences as its core, the group explores and enacts synergistic innovation in the four fields to solve challenging diseases and public health problems for people to live longer and enhance lives.